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Luke Jones 

     Luke grew up on a small corn and soybean farm in Central Illinois, where his family raised cattle and hogs for show. From an early age, Luke learned the basis of running a successful farm. He spent his time maintaining the family's crops and  tending to the animals. Not only did they raise the cattle, Luke actively showed them through 4H and FFA. After graduating from high school Luke attended Black Hawk East College in Kewanee, Illinois.  Where he received his Associates degree in Agricultural Production. Throughout the years Luke exhibited and sold numerous National Champions. Driven by a competitive nature, Luke spent years learning art of how to correctly clip and fit cattle. First using the skills he learned on his own cattle, then offering it as a service for other exhibitors


     After college Luke made a living traveling the United States, from show to show clipping and fitting cattle. Not only traveling to prepare show cattle, his breeding career took off also. Growing up in the show industry Luke understood first hand the importance of elite genetics in cattle. He had now doubt that he wanted to make a future in insuring the quality of cattle through careful breeding, planning, and management. 

     Balancing between breeding, fitting, and preparing show cattle he met his soon to be wife, Crystal. Luke and Crystal shared a mutual passion for the future of the cattle industry. In 2010 Luke moved to Texas. He ran a large farm and cattle operation in Hillsboro, Texas, where he was in charge of production and management of the cattle. 2013 was set out to be one of the most memorable years for Luke. Starting the year Luke and Crystal got married, shortly after that two purchased land in Weatherford and together they built a place to call home. The Fall of that same year he got a phone call from Dr. Brad Stroud asking if he would be interested in becoming the Donor Manager for Stroud Veterinary Embryo Services. Luke didn't hesitate to take the opportunity. He has since then worked beside Dr. Stroud, and he is not reluctant to give him the credit for teaching him along the  path of fully starting his career.

       Working closely with Dr. Stroud, Luke learned a wide variety of different methods and techniques when it comes to cattle production. Always up for a challenge, Luke enjoys working with cattle that are not the easiest to breed. He relies on the knowledge and skills he has learned through the years and strives to provide a positive outcome for all cattle. 

       Over the past few years Luke and Crystal have built a small herd of Simmental, Maine, and Club cows. The two have managed to keep their roots with the show industry through their niece, Addison, who is very involved with showing cattle. Together they enjoy seeing the "start to finish" results in the show ring. 


      Luke and Crystal are actively involved in various livestock programs such as: 4H, FFA, Parker County Livestock Improvement Association, Junior Livestock Association, and many more. Luke is still very involved around and in the show industry. He is passionate about teaching children the ways to become successful and make a career out of raising livestock. Luke enjoys helping people of all ages learn the importance of cattle. If Luke is not at work you will most likely find him in a show barn, with his cattle, at a pond fishing, or somewhere hunting!

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