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Conventional Flush 

     Conventional Embryo Flushing is part of a procedure using a Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), to super-ovulate your donor cows. It is an advanced reproductive tool that enables you to produce more offspring from your superior cows, which extends the outstanding cattle genetics. To learn more about maximizing your heard's potential through the use of a conventional flush.

PRS offers 3 different detailed options for conventional flushing to fit all of our clients needs and requests. 

Option 1: PRS Haul-In

    The PRS Haul-In Option consists of the client boarding their animal at home, utilizing a proper FSH to super-ovulate, detecting heat and inseminating his/her own donor(s). Scheduling for the flush is arranged in advance with the PRS office to ensure a smooth transition.

      Once at at home process is complete, the client hauls the donor(s) to the PRS clinic on the day of the flush for embryo collection and processing (fresh transfer or freeze). This is the most cost efficient option, allowing clients to use their own facilities to manage their donors until flush day.

Option 2: PRS On-Farm

    The PRS On-Farm Option is very similar to our Haul-In Option. The client is responsible for boarding, super-ovulating, detecting heat and inseminating his/her donor(s). However, instead of the client transporting the donor(s) to the PRS clinic on the day of the flush, The PRS team will travel to the client's farm or ranch on this day to perform an embryo collection and ensure proper processing (fresh transfer or freeze). This option does have a travel fee that will be set in advance at the time of scheduling. 

There is a minimum head requirement and some travel restrictions do apply for the on farm service.

Option 3 - PRS Donor Management

     The Donor Management Option is the FULL WORKS choice. This is the perfect option for clients who would prefer to drop their cattle off at the clinic, for the PRS team to access and manage through the entire process. Donors housed at PRS will be well-cared for while the team at PRS provides all the necessary services for super-ovulation, heat detection, insemination and embryo collection and processing.

         While this may be the most expensive option, we believe that our donor management program is what sets us apart from others. For more in-depth details about our elite donor management program.

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