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Embryo Transfer

     The backbone of any successful embryo transfer operation is the careful selection and management of recipient cows, transferring the embryo into the recipient is just a small part of the full process.           Managing the recipient in a way that ensures her the best chance of becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy embryo transfer calf, requires significant time and labor. PRS offers three plans to help our clients select and/or manage their recipients. 

Option 1 - At Clinic 

       Upon arrival at PRS an ultrasound is preformed on recipients enrolled in this plan. The ultrasound exam is an excellent diagnostic tool for the PRS team to determine the reproductive health and status of the recipient. Occasionally, a recipient may be non-cyclic or may have other reproductive abnormalities that could prevent her from being a good candidate to receive an embryo.

     Identifying these females gives the client the ability to pull or take these females home in order to save embryos. Females selected to remain at PRS in the recipient herd are tagged with a client/clinic-specific ID and are managed on pasture at the PRS facility until an embryo is transferred into the recipient. Animals left at our clinic are provided with supplemental hay and grain.

     The team at PRS monitors all heat detection and manages the synchronization services necessary to prepare the recipient to receive a transferred embryo (fresh or frozen).

Option 2 - At Clinic: Extended

       Some clients may wish to have their recipients confirmed pregnant before taking them back to their farm or ranch. Recipients enrolled under Option 2 will receive the same ultrasound exam and management as those enrolled in Option 1. Additionally, recipients in Option 2 will remain at the PRS facility following embryo transfer for approximately 20 days. At that time an ultrasound is used to determine whether the recipient is pregnant with the transferred embryo.

        If she is, the client can then transport her back to his/her farm or ranch. If she is not pregnant, the client has the option of taking her back to his/her farm or ranch OR keeping her at the PRS facility in so that another embryo can be transferred. Additional fees apply

Option 3 - Clinic Haul In

      For the clients who wish to utilize their own facilities to synchronize recipients for embryo transfer, Plan 3 provides the most cost-effective option. Under this plan, the PRS team coordinates with the client to schedule a transfer date.

        The client is then responsible for synchronizing the recipient so that she is prepared and ready to receive an embryo (fresh or frozen) on the projected scheduled date. Once the recipient is on schedule, the client hauls the recipient to the PRS clinic on the day of the transfer to transfer the embryo. The client then takes the recipient back to his/her ranch. 

Option 4 - On Farm 

       Option 4 consists of clients coordinating with the PRS team to schedule a transfer date. Once scheduling is confirmed the client is then responsible for synchronizing the recipient so that she is ready to receive an embryo (fresh or frozen) on the scheduled date.

         The PRS team then travels to the clients ranch or farm on the transfer day to transfer the embryo to the recipient cow. 

There is a minimum head requirement and some travel restrictions do apply for the on farm service.

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